Emilia Romagna Start Up



On October 1st CShark has been added to the emergent Italian Start Ups located in the Emilia Romagna region. Emilia Romagna Start Up is an interesting initiative launched by ART-ER and created purposely to support Start Ups and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to give life to innovative business ideas. ART-ER is an organization from Emilia Romagna created with the purpose to facilitate the sustainable growth of the region through the development of innovations and knowledges.

Launched in 2011, Emilia Romagna Start Up is an interesting project because it offers a wide range of exclusive opportunities for Start Ups only. Through the years this initiative has been able to give life to a community of 450 innovative Start Ups and 80 organizations. We believe that Emilia Romagna Start Up represents the ideal platform for all people interested in entering the Start Up and Crowdfunding world. A dynamic and modern reality through which it is possible for everyone to give visibility to their own projects and to get in touch with activities and events to create collaborations and connections.

By clicking here it will be possible to access CShark's profile published on the EmiliaRomagnaStartUp official web site.