IFTS course for Software Developers



Do you have between 18 and 29 years of age? Are you looking for an highly professional educational training course related to the Information Technology field? Since 2019 CShark has concluded a partnership with Galdus Academy and the University of Pavia to realize a specific training course for software developers. A great opportunity for everyone interested in acquiring new knowledges and skills in this field!
Galdus Academy has been founded with the purpose of accompanying and supporting the individual during their vocational training, with particular attention to the development and enhancement of the abilities and qualities of each person: the student's aspirations and goals are always respected, promoted and appreciated.


A world in continuous expansion towards Information Technology
needs polyvalent professionals in different IT sectors, from hardwares to softwares.


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Download the announcement with all information on the educational course,
registration modalities and needed requirements!




Essere azienda partner di una scuola di formazione del calibro di Galdus Academy è per noi motivo di grande orgoglio. Grazie a questa opportunità avremo la possibilità di partecipare attivamente alla formazione dei professionisti di domani e conoscere direttamente i futuri protagonisti del mondo 2.0. Sarà anche un'occasione per poter crescere sempre di più ed interfacciarci con professionisti dal mondo della formazione.

Other structures involved in this project are Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Bertarelli - Ferraris, IFOA and Advanced Technology Solutions (ATS S.p.A.). Click here to learn more!