08-09 December 2022 - PocketQube Workshop Glasgow

Cshark's PILOT satellite solution: growing interest in our technology


Alessandro Fanni presented Cshark's satellite system at the PocketQube WorkShop in Glasgow

Our CEO Alessandro Fanni's talk in Glasgow was appreciated and won over foreign industry professionals, researchers and students attending the event.

The Pilot technology has now been validated in all its components and there are still a few steps to be taken to complete the Cshark constellation, which will consist of 100 pico-satellites in orbit.

The event was fruitful and was also a great opportunity to show off the satellite and its internal components, from the 5x5x10 cm modular structure to the 29.5% efficient solar panels, from our KOUBE Gateway LoRa communication system to the purpose-built EPS (Electrical Power System).

The Pilot satellite technology is patented by Cshark and meets all ESA/ NASA mission criteria:

  • Research criteria: all Pilots are equipped with a NaNoSiPM, an atomic particle detector (created in collaboration with the National Institute of Nuclear Physics INFN) photo-multiplier for research / surveillance purposes included inside the OBC (On Board Computer).
  • Innovation criteria: Introduce a new technology for in-orbit demonstration on a single object already prepared for precise telemetry and optimised sizing.
  • Service criteria: IoT band coverage can be provided with current subsystems.

You will soon be able to find all components in the dedicated satellite catalogue, directly from our website!