About Me



I am Alessandro Fanni, an Italian businessman born in Cremona in 1993.

CShark is my creature: in 2013 I decided to undertake a path really different from that of many of my peers, without any certainty or assurance except for myself. I think I am a really stubborn person: when I focus on a target I gather all my energies in order to achieve it. I succeeded, and of course it has not been easy, but I believe challenges are what allow us to grow and evolve through all stages of life.

During the first phases of the creation of CShark I had to face many obstacles and difficulties, which nevertheless were not enough to damage my spirit and make me surrender.

Work to me is especially interacting with others and creating bonds which mean more than plain collaboration. I have been lucky enough to meet people that have believed in my project and who have been supporting me through the years, people that many could call "colleagues", but that I see as friends. These people have always been by my side to push me to do my best, even during the most difficult periods of my life.

My past has not been one of the easiest to deal with and to overcome, but I have always tried not to allow it to bring me down and to focus on myself and on people who are part of my reality. Step by step I managed to gather all energy I needed to give life to all my projects.

When Pongo, the IDE software created by CShark, has been awarded during Milano Marketing Festival 2019, I finally had a confirmation that I was on the right track. To me it is a really important goal, especially because I achieved it during an extremely difficult period of my life. I took this chance to look back one last time, observe what I had accomplished and proceed further with even more passion.

Nowadays CShark keeps on growing day by day: the number of projects grow, together with collaborations and, consequently, responsabilities. What was just a dream up to a few years ago, now is reality. I will never thank enough all those who have believed in me and that keep on supporting me along this path!