Softwares and Hardwares for any necessity

Since 2013 CShark Solutions has been working in all the most important IT sectors, such as IoT (Internet of Things), HPC (High Performance Computing), IT counselling and software development, both apps and web applications.

Cross-Platform Apps


We design, develop and provide applications for all platforms through the biggest stores, such as App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Store.


Web Applications


We help our customers in defining and establishing their own digital identity by always supporting them during all phases of the process, from logo studio to the creation of dedicated web applications.


Business Intelligence


We develop APIs for the integration of different technologies and to increase the possibilities of the customer's platform for a more efficient business experience.


Asset Management


We optimize and accelerate all workflow processes by creating efficient ERP softwares for any type of business, from SMEs to private enterprises.


CShark Solutions: our creativity is at your service

For years CShark Solutions has been providing IT counselling services in order to always offer the best solutions available.

With our top quality products our customers' business can easily establish itself and grow rapidly.

A strong and complete IT architecture encourages competitiveness and allows to reach any target and goal in the most efficient way possible.

Advanced technology aiming to success

— Discover the indispensable IT applications to make your business smart

More than a plain web site

For years we have been realizing avant-garde web applications for all needs and necessities

Use and update your digital showcase to better and expand your business right now

CShark CMS E-shop

Create your custom E-shop with the support of a team of qualified professionals to obtain the best results as fast as possible

We help our customers in order to give them the possibility to have their own online place right away

Customer Relationship Management

Thanks to our softwares it will be possible to control in a smart way all services and activities linked to customer management

Make your business better and manage personal data, sales, orders and documents without difficulties

Cloud Services

Create and manage your documents through a private cloud to benefit from automatic back-ups and reliable document availability

You will be able to always be updated on your cloud and to freely manage sharing access at any moment

Cross-Platform Apps

Do you wish to increase the quality and the performance of your business? We develop the app of your dreams and we make it available to all existing platforms

We only use the best technologies to create avant-garde cross-platform and native apps, both for Android and iOS