Pongo IDE (Basic)



Ideal for institutional necessities, promotional and marketing campaigns, funnels, forms and blogs, the basic version of Pongo is recommended especially for entry level users, who can become familiar with a development environment through an easy to use software, characterized by a simple interface.


Pongo Basic presents the following contents:

  • Dynamic site with moderation of contents for multi-purpose communication necessities;
  • Interactive blog with management and control of pages and user logging;
  • Editing and management of the conditions of use and of the whole Legal & Terms section, with application of GDPR;
  • Warehouse services with integrated private cloud dedicated to private storage and quick file sharing;
  • Ticketing service for business services;
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) management for a better indexing of the web application;
  • Completely safe server space, supplied on demand by our own infrastructure with advanced Cyber Security software;
  • Newsletter service for registered users.