Wolfood Smart Land



Wolfood is a practical application which gives the user the opportunity to discover all local structures, services, events and tourist attractions in no time. Through this app it is possible to quickly access all best offers concerning hotels, restaurants, shops and much more. Thanks to Wolfood discovering the local reality with all its opportunities will be easy and fun for everyone!


An App for Everyone


Wolfood has been realized both for tourists and managers and event organizers as well, allowing any professional who owns an activity to make it stand out and enhancing the local territory at the same time. Thanks to Wolfood it will be easier and faster to reach a bigger number of users and potential customers. Anyone can make their own structures and events more visible in just a few minutes and without difficulties.


Citizens and tourists

With Wolfood anyone can have the whole territory in their pocket, always by their side. Created for Piacenza in Emilia Romagna, but adaptable to any reality, Wolfood provides useful advices and practical information in order to live the best experience possible without worries and in a totally autonomous way. An unique app to stay updated on weekly events, restaurants, B&Bs, hotels and much more.


Aiming to enhancing the tradition, beauty, art and flavours of the territory, Wolfood gives value to structures, attractions and locations making them more visible and accessible, while underlining their qualities and stregths.

The app presents the best available offers and structures, accurately selected by our experts. Wolfood is the ideal software both for residents and tourists: it provides updated information on shops, grocery stores and monuments, with the opportunity to customize your own experience according to your own preferences and needs and to discover news and updates.


Wolfood is available on Playstore for free!


We have been developing Wolfood aiming to realize a software which could be used by any type of user without difficulties, with a really simple interface. Once the app has been opened it will show a screen with three different tabs: Events, Notifications and News. The main menu is located in the left upper corner: the user can access it by tapping on the icon.

Tapping on the icon allows to do a search. The user can also perform a search by inserting the town's name they are interested in.




Tapping on the icon in the upper right corner will load a new screen divided in six different sections: Where to eat, Where to buy, Where to sleep, Canteens, Attractions and Search for Town. Tapping on one of the first five buttons will load a screen with a list of restaurants, shops, hotels or tourist attractions. For each of them the user will be provived with information related to:

  • Position
  • Telephone numbers and e-mail addresses
  • Short description

The user can also add the chosen element to the favourites list, show the element on the map with directions to reach the location and add a personal note.




By tapping on the icon in the right upper corner it will be possible to show the city map with map markers. Tapping on these markers will load a preview of the chosen element with essential information and directions.
Through the Explore section, marked with the icon, it is possible to access a list with all services provived by the city: an easy and fast way to browse all available options and offers at glance.



In the Favourites section, marked with the symbol, the user can add the elements they are most interested in, so that it will be possible to quickly access all information related to the selected structure or event when needed.