Calibry is a practical and innovative software developed by CShark in 2019. Characterized by a simple and easy to use interface, Calibry is dedicated to anyone interested in controlling, managing and monitoring the state of certificates of measuring instruments in a quick, autonomous and efficient way. Thanks to its characteristics Calibry is an essential instrument for audit processes and it can be used without difficulties by any type of user, both unexperienced or advanced.

Our development team designed Calibry in order to optimize the monitoring and storaging modalities of different certificates of measuring instruments. Through this software it is possible to easily organize all certificates related to measuring instruments, from gauges to thermocouples, and to manage the profiles of coworkers and partners through complete control, read-only access or access limited to specific establishments, departments and categories of instruments. The users can also save all documents on their devices, share them with colleagues and other professionals and attach files, such as certificates, documents and pictures.

Main functions and characteristics

To choose Calibry means to choose a functional and complete product. 

  • Access Calibry anywhere and anytime;
  • No installation needed;
  • Safe data;
  • Share documents and files with colleagues, providers and all involved professionals;
  • Manage all structures at the same time;
  • Receive reminders related to deadlines via mail;
  • Free backups and updates;
  • Available on all existing devices.


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